Category: Drinks

May 26
7 Most Loved Cocktails around the World

There is always time for one more cocktail! The art of mixology is an intriguing one…

Feb 17
Top 5 Cocktails You Must Try in Dubai

There’s nothing like unwinding after a long hard day with a fabulous cocktail in your…

Nov 28
Top Thursday Night Events for Moonshiners in Dubai

You’ve worked hard this whole week & now it’s time to treat yourself. Call your…

Aug 23
Unlimited Drink Deals Just Makes Our Lives Better

Ladies, why stick to three when it can be unlimited? Get your minds out of the gutter,…

Jul 03
Looking for Deliciously Fruity Cocktail in Dubai? Let Moonshine Lead The Way!

Who doesn’t love to start the weekend with a deliciously fruity cocktail? Moonshine is…

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