5 Signs You’re In A Shitty Bar

Living in a city like Dubai, it’s hard to find a shitty bar. Trust us, there are quite a few popular ones that we can think of but shall not name.

Here’s what make a true shitty bar :

The Terrible Music

You walk in and you can feel the music shaking your brain. Do you complain about the shitty choice in music or the fact the sound system hasn’t changed since the bar first opened? God forbid there’s a live band. Get ready for the singers shrieking voice to shake you to your very core.

The Flirty Bartender

Sorry all but we don’t always want a flirty bartender busy throwing his/her one liners rather than making the drinks. It’s tough enough to get through the long work day, then to get to the bar but waiting a little longer to get a drink is pretty much asking for an emotional breakdown.

The Crowd is Only Interested in Getting Wasted

The beer pong tables, the countless Jagerbombs and the ear drum shattering music means only one thing – someone’s going to throw up! A good conversation is hard to find at such bars so get your nose ready for some interesting smells.

Every Drink Comes in Different Glass

You know a bar has outlived its years when each drink you order comes in a different glass. A simple vodka soda will come in a short whisky glass but the next one will be in a tall cocktail glass.

The Super Dirty Toilets

The overflowing bins with used toilet paper, the floor covered in water and flecks of puke, good luck not leaving with anything once you use them. When you know the toilets aren’t cared for, God knows what else could be going on in there.

The Sleazy Crowd

This one is for the ladies. You walk in all eyes are on you like there’s a spotlight aimed at you. Ten steps in and you’ve already received a , winks, two greetings like ‘Hey baby’ or ‘Hi sexy’ and the head to toe check out glare. Just then you realized you’ve made the biggest mistake entering this bar and wished you had chosen the other your friend had suggested earlier.


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