Top 5 Cocktails You Must Try in Dubai

There’s nothing like unwinding after a long hard day with a fabulous cocktail in your hand. Be it brunch, girl’s night out, or an evening with your crew, cocktails bring magic to every table. We, at Moonshine have put together the holy bible of cocktails, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

1) Havana Chill – 961LB


Havana Chill takes you back to windy summer afternoons by the beach. Instilling a sense of nostalgia, the cherry on top of the cocktail is its chocolate shavings, which flood you with sweet memories. The base of the cocktail is Bacardi and Kahlua, which is shaken with a double shot of espresso and plenty of ice. Served on the rocks, this cocktail is adorned with maple syrup and spiced sugar syrup that go straight to the heart.

2) Black Pearl– Iris


Now, this is true gentleman’s cocktail which is packed with flavors, and does wonders to the stomach. This cocktail is whiskey based, with a Mediterranean twist. The molasses of Bacardi Black is infused with aromatic flavors of fresh cardamom, fragrant rose and lime cordial. This drink is presented and served in a pipe glass, which is truly a visual treat. The overall harmony of the Black Pearl is balanced by a tinge of sugarcane and topped off to perfection with a delicious caramelized lime zest. The flavors alone will give you the happiest of highs.

3) Jaggery Old Fashioned – MASTI Cocktails & Cuisine


MASTI Cocktails & Cuisines explores the unexplored, with traditional Indian takes to modern cocktails. They offer a wide variety of house specialty cocktails, but this one has our attention. Jaggery Old Fashioned is an interesting combination of pistachio infused rye whiskey. With flavor in practically every sip, this cocktail skillfully combines an aromatic and flavorful palm jiggery reduction and tonka bean bitters, to create this masterpiece of a cocktail. Needless to say, Jaggery Old Fashioned is a big hit!

4) Merienda de Locos – Coya

Merienda de Locos – Coya

This restaurant needs no introduction, being popular for winning many culinary awards. The hub houses flavors from Peruvian and Latin American culture, amongst others. Coming to the star of Coya, the Merienda de Locos is a cocktail whose flavors are unique and almost inimitable. Grand Marnier and Gin is infused with cucumber shrubs and chamomile syrup, to create perhaps one if the finest cocktails the city has seen. It’s a gastronomic experience that will leave you longing for more. It’s worth the slightly high price you have to pay.

5) Bluegrass Smash – Vault JW Marriot

Bluegrass Smash – Vault JW Marriot

With sustainability as the focus point for the cocktails, Vault is responsible for producing some delish concoctions that will take you by the storm. Our personal favorite is the Bluegrass Smash. This cocktail is packed with zest and tang due to its citrusy flavors. With premium Kentucky Bourbon as its base, Bluegrass Smash transforms you to a different time and place. With the freshest of fresh oranges and lemon, the tangy flavors are refreshing, as they are delicious. Garnished with fresh rosemary, Bluegrass Smash is sure to conquer a lot of hearts with its simplicity and sustainability.


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